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Saturday, May 20, 2017


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Recent Posts

  1. Streams in the air and secret beaches
    19 Jul, 2017
    Shhhhh...it's a Secret
    Today is something called #secretsomerset go & explore gang
  2. Dunkery Beacon Exmoor
    03 Jul, 2017
    Blue Skies & Spaniels
    A trip to the highest point in Exmoor and the RNLI at Minehead harbour.
  3. The Luttrell Arms Dunster
    19 Jun, 2017
    Dunster's Secret Garden
    Secret Garden, Sheds, Gin & Cider
  4. Maverick in Dunster Forest
    26 Jan, 2017
    Frosty Deer Park Walk
    Gallox Bridge, Dunster Deer Park & Lunch at Tessa's
  5. Dimpsey Treeline on the Steam Coast Trail
    07 Jan, 2017
    Steam & the Sea
    Yes, I'm back after the holiday break this time on the Steam Coast Trail!
  6. Salad Days Dunster
    01 Jan, 2017
    Bookings, Awards & Pot Noodle
    Summary of our 1st year at Salad Days
  7. A wet pre-Christmas visit to Minehead, doggie treats and cake.
    10 Dec, 2016
    A wet pre-Christmas Saturday in Minehead
    Sheltering from the rain in Minehead
  8. Me looking cool in the woods!
    06 Dec, 2016
    Sniffing out the Tall Trees
    Today’s blog features record breakers and sublime dog walking in Somerset
  9. Maverick visiting Charlie Fridays Cafe Lynton
    21 Nov, 2016
    Storm Angus & Coffee
    This week’s blog comes courtesy of Storm Angus. Yes we were at the beach hut on Saturday night when the storm hit.